One of the most successful articles I have written in recent times concerns the possibility of using a JWT token to authenticate the user while using the Hangfire Dashboard: Hangfire Dashboard and JWT Authentication.

By analyzing this work you can discover how the integration uses two consecutive strategies, the first concerns the passage of the JWT token in the opening QueryString of the Hangfire Dashboard. Once the token is validated, the backend sets this token as a session cookie, thus allowing it to be verified while browsing the various areas of the Hangfire Dashboard.

To all intents and purposes…

A real case with Angular and Storybook!

One of the most important projects that I have been following in recent years concerns the development of Aulos, a modular framework used in many Loccioni projects.

In this fundamental project for Loccioni’s software teams, I mainly deal with the development of the web-based frontend based on Angular and on the implementations of continuous integration and deploy pipelines.

Storybook in Aulos build pipelines

For more than a year, our team has introduced the Storybook library in Aulos in order to have a valid tool for sharing our components and documentation with all Loccioni’s software teams.

How to load your angular.json file correctly!

I have been developing Enterprise-level applications together with my collaborators for years, mainly using .NET Core and Angular.

Speaking more specifically about the frontend side I can say that I have used the most famous task runners (ex grunt / gulp) but recently I can say that I have focused my interests more in the capabilities made available by @angular/cli.

Specifically, to this article, I would like to focus on very common use on big projects and that is the possibility of creating project’s libraries:

ng generate library my-lib

Thanks to the creation…

Who has developed a bug-free software system, raise your hand?

As the mythical Dijkstra said:

Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!

And what usually saves us from very unpleasant situations once our product is released? A good log system and a robust error tracking system. Since I became a senior developer (20 years of experience is enough? …

Anyone who knows me knows that when I can’t find an elegant way to solve a problem I don’t sleep on it.


During the development of a generic system for sending notifications to users, I was building the architecture of the tasks and email templates to be used.

Obviously, the construction of email templates had to be generic enough to allow me to easily build new templates and integrate them in an agile way within the system.

I just posted an updated article with a better and simpler solution:

When you are dealing with enterprise applications you know that sooner or later you will have to integrate a task scheduler. Since, now many years ago, I moved from Java EE to .NET, I have always tried to use a product for the scheduling I love very much: Hangfire.

Hangfire is a complete, mature, and secure product that provides the developer with a fantastic environment for performing scheduled tasks or background workers. …

A few months ago I started developing a classic application for the accounting administration of an important local company. The application is mainly based on the display of different information formatted in tabular form for internal use only. Technically it is a Full Stack development based on .NET Core and Angular 7, all deployed on a docker container.

With the succession of meetings and interviews with the customer to find a minimum of requirements, I checked the approximate number of tables to be displayed, their complexity and the technical level of user who must use them.

We are talking about…

In these days I find myself facing a new challenge. I am developing a new project for an important client using a classic Full-Stack Web based on ASP.NET Core 2.2 and Angular 7 and one of the first things I have decided to set before starting is the build, test and deploy platform.

In the initial stages of this first study, I had thought, together with the client’s system administrator, to propose completely Cloud-based solutions such as Azure or AWS. We have obviously looked at the project requirements and the running costs of the whole application. At one point we…

It happens to all the developers, at least one day in their life, to ask themselves how to manage application settings. We have all been there and once we have discovered XDT transformations we have not left them anymore.

Cinderella dress transformation during a deploy

The second step that all .NET developers encounter is the discovery of a fantastic tool called SlowCheetah developed by Microsoft and that provides everything needed to make their own transformations to their config files. The bad news is that this fantastic tool is not yet ready for the .NET Core world.

Fortunately, OSS world has developed another tool for the XDT…

I’ve been developing software for my clients for more than ten years now, constantly using latest technologies to always offer the best, but one thing I’ve never done before: a distro linux.

The story went something like this: I received a Siemens IoT 2040, a 24v power supply and an industrial switch. Up to this point it seemed like Christmas but to my question: “now what can I do?” I was told: “you must tell us”.

Siemens IoT 2040

My adventure immediately began to be particular dreaming of a world made of intelligent IoT devices, mesh networks and MQTT messages everywhere. I even…

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